Congrats to Eva on Her First Truffle!

         After many months of training, practicing, and hunting,  Our sweet pup Eva finally has found her first Truffle! We are SOOOO proud of her! 

         Eva is a Lagotto Romangolo that came to us all the way from Serbia, specifically King of the Truffles Kennel. We then did a number of training classes with the Truffle Dog Company. Victoria is an amazing teacher and together her and Alana have been so helpful to us on our truffling journey. 

          The species of truffle we have found so far is called the Imaia Gigantea. Imaia is pronounced “ee-ma-ee-uh” as the truffle is named after the Japanese mycologist, Sanshi Imai.  So far, this truffle has only been found in the Appalachian mountains, and Japan. 

         Back in February Luke and I had read this article on Outside magazine online and  immediatley knew that truffle hunting in our backyard was something we definitely were interested in doing. We then ordered Rowan Jacobsens book Truffle Hound, and when it arrived we couldn’t put it down. Soon thereafter Eva had arrived to our doorstep at 3am brought to us from a kind pet nanny from Romania. Eva integrated into our little family with ease, and we couldn’t be happier with our little truffle hunter.

        If your curiosity is peaked, you can come and smell the truffle salt or purchase truffle from us at our farmers markets, or go visit our friends at Red Fiddle Vittles.

         This is just the beginning for Eva on her truffle journey! Tuber Lyonii & Tuber Canaliculatum both can be found in our region, so the hunt is on!  Eva celebrated her first birthday this September and has a lot to learn before her skills will be on par with the big dogs. She is still a puppy for a bit longer and it’s so cute watching her skills blossom. 

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