Native NC Wild Truffles 

The Dogs

Eva and Massimo are a dynamic duo of Lagotto Romagnolo that we have trained to hunt truffles. While we primarily hunt in the wild, Eva thinks going to orchards occasionally is pretty fun too. 

You can learn more about when Eva  and her very first truffle here. Unfortunately Massimo being the 2nd child didnt get a blog post about his first truffle, but he's quite the hunter as well. 

The Truffle

Although there are three known species and many undiscovered truffle species in  our region of WNC,

   We primarily find Imaia gigantea when we  hunt.

this truffle is named after the Japanese mycologist, Sanshi Imai.  So far, this truffle has only been found in the Appalachian mountains, and Japan

It's actually closely related to the morel mushroom! 

Just brought some fresh Truffle home? Learn how to best store it here.

Trying to describe the scent and flavor with words cannot do it justice, but its aroma is intoxicating, soft like moss, yet at the same time, sharp like aged cheese.  Our friend Alan Bergo, also known as Forager Chef, gives his assment of the Imaia gigantea  here 

contact us  to order truffles - we ship Mon-Thurs or find us in person at one of our markets in Western North Carolina

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Live in Western NC?

We do not provide truffle hunting tours at this time.

However, if you think you might have truffles on your land, please contact us or book a home tour Oct-Jan if you would like to schedule a time for us to come out with the dogs! 

What's Next? 

Nobody knows what the next truffle Eva and Massi will unearth, we are hoping to get down to some hunting grounds in Georgia to score some Tuber lyonii. 

We are also excited to hunt the Appalachian Truffle, Tuber canaliculatum - another highly elusive native truffle to the Appalachian mountains. 

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