How to Store Your Truffle

+ Keep truffles refrigerated and in an airtight glass container.

+To absorb excess moisture, store with a desiccant - like rice, oatmeal, or silica packets. You can also wrap the truffle in parchment paper or paper towel. 

+Change paper and rice daily.

+Additionally, be sure to wipe out any condensation that accumulates inside the container with the truffle. 

+The goal is to keep the truffle as dry as possible, and that will allow for longest shelf life. However, as with all truffles, the aroma begins to dissipate from the moment that it is harvested from the ground, so using it ASAP will give the most flavor and aroma. 

+ If you plan to store your truffle for more than 3 days, we recommend making a butter, oil, or freezing the truffle for future use. 

+ If you freeze the truffle, it will maintain all the flavor and aroma, but it will change the texture and it will not be usable for fresh shaving, but will be fine for sauces, butters, creams, or infusions.

Truffle Infusions

To make the most of your truffle, you can use it to infuse products as soon as you get home.

If you wish to infuse any product that has a high fat content, it is possible to do so just by storing the truffle in a container with whatever you wish to infuse. 

It is best to keep your truffle in a small container with the rice / oatmeal,  and set that whole container into a larger sealed container with whatever you wish to infuse. 

Truffle Butter  Recipe

This recipe can be modified to use as little or as much truffle as you have. Even a small chunk around 10 grams (20$) will be plenty to use in this recipe. If you want your butter to be very potent, add 1-2 sticks of butter for every 10 grams. 

Gently warm butter in double boiler till melted. 

Remove from heat

While butter Is still liquid, microplane truffle as thin as possible directly into the butter. Let cool, and store in an airtight container or jars. These also freeze well, so if you’d like to save it for long term storage, it will keep in the freezer for about a year.

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