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Truffle Salt

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Looking to try our dog harvested native truffles and experience first hand the Imaia gigantea? Look no further

Indulge in the complex flavors of our Appalachian region with our wild harvested Blue Ridge Truffles. Foraged around Western North Carolina, with the help of two Italian truffle dogs, these gems of the fungal kingdom add time bending dimension and flavor to any culinary experience. After bringing the truffles home and sorting and cleaning, we thinly slice them and prepare them for the freeze drying process. 

amazing for making oils, cocktails, bitters,  adding to marinades, cheeses, on top of steaks, eggs, with cured meats, atop of veggies or pasta  apple pie cheesecake - the possibilities are endless -

 The Imaia gigantea truffle has only been found in the Appalachian Mountains and Japan, and has never successfully been cultivated. We go deep into pristine mountain environments to find these, and only harvest the ripe truffles that the dogs lead us to.

No synthetic ingredients; only real pink Himalayan salt and native truffle foraged from WNC. 

Sold in 1.5oz glass jars.

never any added aroma, ever! This is the real deal!



Just because a truffle is harvested in Appalachia, doesn't make it an Appalachian truffle - If you are looking for Tuber canaliculatum, keep looking! Most people hunting these in the wild are using their finds to inoculate truffle trees for cultivation. Hopefully soon they will be available for eating.

We hope to find some productive T. can patches ourselves, but in the meantime have been busy with hunting the Blue Ridge Truffle - Imaia gigantea. 

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