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Truffle Butter

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100% organic butter and Imaia Gigantea truffle.

Never any synthetic ingredients.

We wild harvest these truffles with the help of our Lagotto Romangolo truffle dogs, Eva and Massimo from the wilds of the North Carolina mountains

Imaia gigantea is also known as the Blue Ridge Truffle. It was originally found in Japan and the only other place it  has been found is in the Appalachian Mountains. 

It smells like moss, earth, cheese, funk, love, juicy, fruity, sharp - rather pleasant. Very difficult to describe and definitely not boring, it brings out the wild side of anything you pair it with. great with charcuterie, deserts, or mains. 

Keep refrigerated for up to 2 months & frozen for up to one year.

Comes in 4 oz jars.



Just because a truffle is harvested in Appalachia, doesn't make it an Appalachian truffle - If you are looking for Tuber canaliculatum, keep looking! Most people hunting these in the wild are using their finds to inoculate truffle trees for cultivation. Hopefully soon they will be available for eating.

We hope to find some productive T. can patches ourselves, but in the meantime have been busy with hunting the Blue Ridge Truffle - Imaia gigantea. 

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