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Wild Foods / Mushroom / Truffle Home Survey

$300.00 USD

We will come to your home and  do a botanical survey on your property - showing you what edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants you have on your land.

up to 6 people may accompany us on our adventure. you are welcome to harvest what wild foods we do find if you would like, and will check over everyones collections  make sure nobody has harvested anything toxic.  We will give suggestions on how to prepare these wild foods, and end with a review of everything we have found. Travel time will be factored in at 50$ per hour. Upon booking we will calculate the additional expense. For your  reference, we live near Fruitland, NC (between Hendersonville and Asheville NC) 

150/ hr, up to 6 people may join us on our excursion. 

Mushroom / Plant Survey - We will traverse your forested acreage in search of useful  plants and mushrooms  

(March - Nov)

Truffle Survey (Oct - Jan) - We will bring our truffle dogs and survey your land or orchard to see if any truffles are present. 

Tree / Habitat survey (Year-round)  - We will assess your forest, teach you what trees you have on your property and what mushrooms may associate with them. We will assess habitat for potential forest farming plot sites for things like ramps, ginseng, goldenseal, etc. 

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