Foraged Foods On Demand

Overnight shipping via UPS for next day arrival. Shipping rates vary, typically it'll be 40-60$

Please order at least 72 hrs in advance.  Shipping Mon-Thrs 

Minimum order 100$, orders over 200$ 10% off total

Delivery Available to restaurants in Asheville, NC Only

To place an order, please email us

We accept check, Venmo, & card payable via custom invoice we will send to you after you place your order. 

Check back often as our currently available list is updated weekly.  

Feel free to let us know in advance if you are seeking a specific wild food that has not come into season yet.

Wild Goods has been a purveyor of wild foods at numerous farmers markets in the Western North Carolina region for the last 6 years. In addition to teaching classes and setting up at four markets weekly, we are now introducing our Foraged Foods On Demand list.

Those looking to add fresh foraged foods to their event or menu can place orders weekly based on seasonal availability. 

Many of these foraged foods are time consuming to collect, and we forage to order for optimum freshness. 

Because of this  we ask that you please place your orders at least 72 hours before desired arrival date. Thanks!

Currently Available

All items are fresh produce unless otherwise noted. we have been terribly busy with markets so we have a limited selection. please email us if you are looking for something specific and we can see what we can do

  updated 6/19/2023

Wild Greens

Sochan 25/lb

Sassafras leaf 3/oz

broadleaf plantain 18#/lb

Dandelion greens  25/lb

Flowers / Garnish

Pine Needles 2/oz

sourwood leaf 2/oz

Roots / Shoots / Fruits

Dandelion Root 3/oz

Spicebush Twigs 2/oz

Birch Twigs 2/oz

Mushrooms (fresh)

waiting on rain!

 chanterelles, beefsteak polypore, boletes, milk caps, chicken of the woods are all possibilities in the near future 


As plants become available and come into season, we will update the current availability section above. 

Bulk Greens

Ramp greens 

Ramp bulbs

Virginia Waterleaf 

Japanese Knotweed

Garlic Mustard

Purple Pagoda


Wood's Nettle

Stinging Nettle

Creasy Greens

Poke weed

Flowers / Garnish

Redbud flower

Dandelion flower

Dandelion Leaf

Spring beauty flower

Spicebush flowers

Toothwort leaf

Purple Deadnettle



Usnea Lichen

Mountain mint

Sheep sorrel

Forsythia flowers

Roots / Shoots / Fruits

Wood's Nettle Shoots

Day Lilly Shoots

Solomons Seal Shoots

Toothwort Rhizomes 

Spruce tips / hemlock tips

Dandelion Root

Burdock Root

Japanese Knotweed


Dryad's Saddle

Oyster Mushroom

Morel mushroom


Check back soon for additional  summer availability, this list is not complete yet, we continue to think of more and add them 

Wild Greens

Oxeye daisy

Lambs quarter




Mountain mint

Sheep sorrel

Sassafras leaf

Sourwood leaf

Flowers / Garnish

Day Lilly flowers

Day Lilly pods

Sourwood flowers

Black locust flowers

Mimosa flowers


Roots / Shoots /  Fruits  

Day Lilly shoots

Wine berries

Black berries


Black raspberries



Autum olive



Milk Caps

Chicken of the woods

Oyster mushroom

Lobster mushroom

Black Trumpets


Indigo milk cap


Beefsteak polypore

Black staining polypore



Check back soon for Fall availability!


Check back soon for Winter availability!

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