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Asheville NC Foraging classes 3rd Sundays April-Oct 4-6 PM

$45.00 USD

Asheville Forays

We will meet somewhere  45 minutes of Downtown Asheville, NC on the 3rd Sunday of each month,  4-6 pm! bring water, a basket, and your walking shoes!

Spring Ephemerals 

April is a wonderful month to forage in, even before peak mushroom season begins. Come take a stroll and learn something new about edible foods 

Sunday April 16th 4-6PM

Reishi Rendevous 

Come along to forage one of our favorite mushrooms of immortality, Ganoderma Tsugae. This special mushroom fruits on decaying hemlocks and is one of Western North Carolinas most medicinal treasures. 

Sunday May 21st 4-6PM

Foray amongst the Funguses 

Join us during peak mushroom season for a stroll in the woods where we find different mushrooms and plants,  and identify them together, with a focus on edible & medicinals

Sunday June 18th 4-6PM

Sunday July 16th 4-6PM

Sunday August 20th 4-6PM

Sunday September 24th 2-4PM

Sunday October 22nd 2-4PM

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